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The Atlantic Ocean is definitely exciting. It washes many continents and countries, but in every place, it is different. One of the reasons for people with their cultures. In a lovely country of Uruguay, you will be able to enjoy its warm waters. However, it is very popular among foreigners for Uruguayan women. They are smart and very beautiful. If you also seek for a Latin wife, you should definitely come here. You will find that many Uruguay women are single, as they are less interested in local men. Foreigners have better life values and can become nice husbands for them. For a more successful dating, it is important to know more about their culture, character traits and what to expect from these girls. This is a small overview that may be helpful for every single man who is looking for women from Uruguay for marriage.

Character Traits of Women From Uruguay

The inner world of a person is definitely a decisive factor in relationships. Everyone is looking for someone that meets some preferences and expectations. In order not to be shocked and help to find what you are looking for, we have prepared an overview of Uruguayan women’s traits of character that are most common for them.


When you start a serious dating, it is important to be devoted to a person. That is how Uruguayan girls think. Relations are something that both should work on. There is no time for paying attention to others.


Uruguay is not a very wealthy country, but also in not a poor. Residents know that they need to work in order to sustain comfort living. That is what makes Uruguayan women so wonderful. They are less interested in your money and are more focused on you as a personality.


Uruguay women are very open. Meeting new people and making friends just on the streets is very easy. They are polite and never refuse to talk with a nice and tolerant man. Moreover, they are very social. Many cultural events, customs are based on gathering people together. Probably you could hear about how good Latina people are at dancing.



The government of this country provides great opportunities for everyone to gain knowledge. Women have equal rights for education and work positions without being discriminated. In recent years, the number of Uruguayan women in parliament has only increased.

Strong Family Values

Uruguayan people have a traditional mindset about how a family should look like. Mothers always care about the house and children, while fathers are breadwinners. Nowadays, it is almost the same. Young women are not against of such role division, however, it is important for both to share responsibilities. If you are looking for a future mom of your children, Uruguayan women are you’re the best choice.

What To Expect From Dating Uruguayan Girls

Knowing the character traits of Uruguayan women is definitely important, however, there is more information that you should know about them. They are not Europeans, Americans, Africans, Australians or Americans. Their cultural habits are different. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for everything.


Everyone in Uruguay loves football, especially when national teams play. During such periods, most people stay indoors or at some pubs with TV. The same goes for Uruguayan girls. You can be invited to watch them a football match. Only then, you will understand how passionate they can be.

Smoking Not Preferable

Not many Uruguayans smoke cigarettes and it is not popular here. People try to keep a healthy lifestyle. For foreign smokers, it can be difficult there. Firstly, smoking inside is forbidden. You need to go outside for that. Secondly, even outdoors when you smoke you should keep a distance from other people. Locals are very aware of passive smoking. For the last, Uruguay women can refuse you for this reason. They do not like the smell and dating with a smoking person will eventually influence them. Kissing an ashtray is not the most pleasant thing to do. Maybe they can help you to get rid of this bad habit.

Sport Activities

Uruguayans prefer a healthy lifestyle. They have different ways to do that. You already know about their love of football. Other active sports games and activities are popular here. If you like jogging and running in the morning near the beachside, you can easily find a nice partner for these activities.


For most people being talkative is not a very positive feature of personality, but in Uruguay, it is different. Local singles like conversations with people on interesting topics. You can be sure of never getting bored in a company of Uruguayan friends. It is true that everyone knows something that you do not. Critical thinking, discussions, and debates are very good for self-development. In addition, it provides you with an opportunity to learn more about a person.

Mate Drinking

You should not think anything awkward about this drink, it pronounces as mah-the. Mate is a short variant of Yerba Mate. It is a special beverage that contains a high amount of caffeine. You should know that it is not a coffee. It is a special tea. Usually, it is made from Yerba Mate leaves. While dating Uruguayan women you definitely will be invited to Mate drinking process. Due to customs, it should be drunk in the circle by turns. In order not to violate specific etiquette of the drinking process, you have to wait for your turn. When it comes do not pour water by yourself. It has to be done by a Cebador what means pourer. Usually, it is a person who owns a Mate. It is important to remember this drink is stronger than espresso.


Uruguay is a unique place to find happiness. People here are very friendly and open. It allows making new friends easily. Among them, you will definitely find some pretty Uruguayan women. Do not afraid of approaching them. They always have a pleasure to talk to you. They can definitely make you happy and help to create with you a wonderful family.

Updated on Feb 2020