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Slovenia is the most Europeanized country in the post-Soviet expanses. Despite the small territory of Slovenia, they developed much more the other Eastern European countries. People here are prudent and quiet. They are very polite, sociable and friendly. They love to meet new people, host tourists and tell them about their native land. The character of Slovenian men and women is a combination of different cultures of neighbor countries, but they don’t like to be compared with them, especially with the Soviet Union. So here is a list of main features of Slovenian women and why they are so peculiar.

Slovenian Women Traits

Healthy Lifestyle

As we all know Slovenia is situated near the Alpen mountains. That’s why many Slovenians go skiing, hiking, and climbing. They spend their spare time very active. Also, most Slovenian girls refuse to eat harmful food and drink much alcohol. Also, women of Slovenia never start smoking. The only thing they can afford – a glass of wine just for better blood circulation.


Slovenian women don’t sit on the sofa without any affair. If Slovenian girl has no official work and has a status of wife and housewife, she will always find what to do or to improve at home. New recipe, cleaning up, planting something in the garden or rearrangement in rooms. She will never get bored because of her affair absence. If Slovenian women have a job outside, she will wake up as early as she can. She will prepare breakfast, do the washes and only then go to work. By the way, in Slovenia, a working day usually starts at 7:30 in the morning. So guess how early she needs to get up to make everything in order.


Slovenian language is a combination of influences of the nearest countries. However, it is not obligatory to learn their language to visit Slovenia and meet Slovenian woman. All of them speak English perfectly. Learning of English is an unseparated part f the studies at schools and universities. However, all we know that the language of love has no barriers and difficulties.

No Hurry

Slovenian girls do not haste to get married as quickly as in other Slavic countries. On average Slovenian brides are 25-30 years old. Girls till 25 are considered to be children. What is more, they don’t hurry to sign documents with a future husband. It’s better for them to live with a man for some time just to find out all the secrets about his personality.

Slovenian BridesWhy Are Slovenian Mail Order Brides So Popular?

Slovenian women will not impress you by stylish looks and tonne of makeup every day. But still, this nation stays enough popular among foreign men. So what are the reasons for this tendency? Slovenian brides are perfect hosts, they are practical and wise. People sometimes call them calculating. They always think ahead. Slovenian woman will never buy any expensive cloth or shoes if she knows that at the end of that month her family will be lack money and consequently lack food and other necessary things. She is not selfish at all. She dedicates all her free time and resources to her husband and children. That clearly explains their popularity. As we all know men don’t care about any house routine like buying and cooking food, cleaning and so on. Of course, they want to find a woman that will care about him 24 hours a day. And of course, Slovenian woman is a perfect match for him.

Best Slovenian Women Dating Sites

If you don’t want to start serious relationships with a girl from another mentality, you can sign in and join one of the online sites to find hot Slovenian women for communication or even for marriage.


Why Are Slovenian Women Perfect For Marriage?

Slovenian women belong to the category of women who fight for their families. They use calculation and logic in everyday life. How much money to spend on food and other necessary things, how much time she needs to do the dishes and clean up all the house. It’s not a rare situation to see Slovenian woman with a long list in malls not buy silly and not practical things. If you choose Slovenian girl to be your wife, you have to understand that she will be straight, sometimes strict but prudent and wise. It may seem that knows everything that exists in the whole world, know the right answer to any question and can always give a useful piece of advice. You will have to not concede to her and keep the same level as she does. Your couple will have to grow and develop more and more. Because if Slovenian girl sees that her man makes no effort to improve relationships and pleasure her desire, then these relationships just an not be long-lasting and cheerful.


Taking everything into account Slovenian women is a great supportive power. These women will never lie or betray you. Their choice is constant, wise and logic. Slovenians are an amazing combination of love, care but always clear mind. If you need help and worthy advice, you can always ask it in your Slovenian wife. She will never refuse to help and will always take the same position and opinion as you do. Slovenian girl is for someone who has enough moral strength and desire to tame such a colorful and passionate woman. You can be together only in case both of your characters are similar to one another. If you see your future together and are ready to think in one direction for the rest of your days, then the Slovenian bride is an ideal match for you.

Updated on May 2020