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If one does not believe in love at first sight, they have not met Slovakian girls yet. Women from Slovakia are known to make perfect partners and eventually great wives. This beautiful, yet smart and kind women, know how to make their partners the happiest men on Earth.

Slovakian Personality Traits

Family Values

One may come across this quality investigating different cultures. Then the question arises. Is that possible that everyone highly regards family life or does anyone lie? We cannot affirm either of these statements to be true, but one thing that is irrefutable is about Slovak women. The latter appreciates family values, as their predecessors did. It runs in the blood. As soon as Slovakians get married, career fades into the background. Believe it or not. You won’t be sure until you experience it on your own.Slovakian Brides


Slovakian girls are not into hanging about without intention. At the same time, they do not like their husbands to be lazy as well. Men are to work and spend time with benefits. This idleness may contribute to bitter family squabbles. It does not mean that Slovakian brides demand from a man to be 24/7 at work. They require just not to be couch potatoes. From time to time, ladies need some relax. That is why they recognize the full worth of men running the household.


The important point to single out is which relationship Slovak women prefer. Here is a thing to remember. Lots of men worry just about getting into pants and no more. Girls from Slovakia usually cannot put up with this fact. They do warn men than unless they get into their heads first, nothing intimate can happen at all. Slovak princesses are against rush decisions and quick relationships.


Even if it comes to any sexual relationship, a man must be aware of limits. It is so easy to cross the line which is so blurred. A man shouldn’t be blind to notice anything at all. It is more about ignorance. Sexual relationship is possible only between two of them. Moreover, Slovakian brides for sale value their privacy in any of its manifestations. If you are eager to get to know about her intimate details, you will be disappointed not to get an answer. They will share this once. It is up to you how long you will wait. When they feel their love sprout up, girlfriends soon decide on this important step of revealing their soul.


If you love hanging out with friends, your better-half from Slovakia will not prohibit doing this. What is more, they will accompany you to any kind of get-togethers. It is done not because of jealousy or any wish to control. That is mainly because of a great desire to have some fun with friends.Slovakian Women

Slovakian Women

If to talk about appearance, here those who have chosen Slovakian mail order brides can celebrate. Each has their measurements of beauty. When it comes to Slovakians. some concur with the majority. This is what we call charm.

First of all, they are slim as models. However, it is partially historically so. It is not a region where obesity is a problem. Still, who cares about the reason?

They are fair-headed, pale-skinned beauties. The thing that attracts the most is a smile. These princesses beam at you and energize everyone they look at.

Tips for Dating Slovakian women

Today, men are afraid of hurting a girl considering that each one makes up causes for quarrels in advance. This is not always so.
Slovakian mail order brides are not demanding at all.

Small Gifts

Slovakian girls do not expect from you villas. They will be in the seventh heaven if they get a small simple gift. They value attention over the price. Still, you are to put your soul into it and present it with an open heart.
If you plump for flowers to give, pay attention to the number of them. Make sure you bought an odd number.

Avoid Politics, Weather, and Salary

When a conversation is deadlocked, the weather is not the best way out. This is considered as one lacking interest. The only exclusion is any anomaly happened these days. There are no such topics that may give offense to Slovak brides. However, people are to be careful with overpraising Czechs. There is no rivalry between these two nations. However, sometimes Slovakia is regarded as an underdeveloped country. Of course, it cannot be mentioned on any of the dates.

Eye Contact

Slovakian mail order brides do think that eye contact is an indicator of politeness, seriousness, and trust. If you for some reason steer clear of it, they may doubt your frankness. That makes sense especially while clinking your glasses together. When you toast to something, eye contact should be preserved. That makes it look respectful and polite.

Slovak Women and Relationship

Slovakians are not likely to be rivals even after breaking up. This is a nation that tends to keep a positive relationship with everyone. Even when it comes to co-workers, Slovakian girls will first establish a personal relationship right before doing some business together.
Slovak ladies are for friendship everywhere. That is why most of them do not resort to rumoring. It is likely that your relationship can begin with simple friendship. Patience is a key hero here. It may take a while. Moreover, it is important to be open. Slovakian girls are very emotional. They use their gestures to explain whatever they want. They possess expressive and clear facial expressions. So in their relationships, these ladies are open-hearted.


If you should happen to meet a Slovak girl, you are a very lucky one. They value their origin, culture, and traditions. At the same time, they respect and accept a foreigner. There is actually a great chance of a Slovakian lady to marry a person coming from the other country. They respect others and want them to behave in the same way.
Slovakians are special people you may learn a lot from. If you pitch upon spending your life with them, it will promise you a great experience.

Updated on Feb 2020