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If talking about Serbia we can not mention that this country is original and self-sufficient. This nation has a long and painful history which is made through wars and blood. That is why Serbian women are considered to be strong and measured. Their lives are not as easy as in other European countries. Nevertheless, Serbian brides are still very popular and desired among Serbian men as foreigners. So what is their secret?

Features of Serbian Brides

Strong Character

Serbian girls are famous for being strong and confident. For many years the Serbian nation was struggling against invaders from other countries who wanted to take their freedom away. That is the main reason why Serbian women are mostly for serious relationships with true and caring feelings. So if you are not sure about intention, you should think twice before start dating a Serbian woman.

Beautiful Appearance

Serbian women are known for their harmonious appearance. They have vivid and expressive features of the face. Serbian girls are really famous among other peoples for being tall. Men can go crazy because of their long and beautiful legs. Mostly Serbian women have a Slavic feature of face and figure but also have some peculiarities which you will love.

Serbian Women


If speaking about Serbian wives it is worth saying that they are very outgiving. Serbian girls like bright and even sometimes aggressive makeup, expansive clothes. They love everything that “smells” and looks sexy. Maybe that is the reason why sport style is perceived as strange and silly.


Serbian women tend to wear casual clothes in daily life – jeans,  sweaters, shirts, and casual shoes. However, if we are talking about visiting museums, theatres, restaurants or any other official event, then Serbian girls put on the most festive clothes in their wardrobe. What is more, if you are wearing sports clothes at an official event, you can be ignored by staff, guests or even banished from that place.

Smoking As National Habit

If you see a Serbian girl smoking a cigarette, it is not a big deal. The point is that Serbians can smoke wherever and whenever they want – in public transport, cafes, malls. So if you are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, think about it before start dating a Serbian woman. You have to remember that a Serbian woman is not that person that will give up doing something for no reason.


If Serbian women create their own family, that means it is a serious and pondered decision. Family is something very holy and sacred for them. Mostly Serbian girls are interested only in long-lasting relationships. And if they choose you, then you will be together till the end of your days.

Serbian Brides

Why Serbian Women Are Popular Among Foreigners?

Serbian girl is always proud of being exactly Serbian. Her nationality, language, culture, people mean a lot and take a great part in her life. Even if she could move to another country, she would love to do it. It is important to identify yourself as a part of something valuable. Serbian women respect their country, and that shows a very momentous feature of character – sincere loyalty. Nowadays it is a very seldom feature as the world is becoming more and more mercantile, and people are getting used to depreciate all the values that were gifted to the, by parents and nature. Nevertheless, Serbian women stay strong in their position and behavior. They know their own way and try to follow it always.

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Why Serbian Women Are Good For Marriage?

Serbian women respect old customs and traditions very much. They will never betray their native land. In this behavior, you can the real character of  Serbian women. If they choose a man, they will be devoted to him with all the heart. This man will never be in need of anything – care, love, kindness.

This woman is going to give everything she has to one person. You do not have to be afraid of being cheated, betrayed or lied. Serbian women try to create coziness and keep a warm hearth while being a wife. They keep the old traditions in behavior, growing children and treating a husband.

They tend to respect each other`s opinion words and work. Serbian wives are calm, silent and very kind. They are sure that every problem can be solved by a conversation but not rudeness.


To sum up, Serbian women are ready to start dating you only if you have serious intentions. Do not try to lie them because they are very smart and quick-witted. Serbian wife is for someone who is ready to show her respect to every act or word she does. She is for someone who is ready to respect her country, its culture, traditions, and customs.  Also, you have shown a great thanks to her parents and other relatives as the family takes place number one in the life of a Serbian woman.

You will never feel bad or hurt if you choose a Serbian girl. It is one of the most caring, loving, loyal and kind girls you have ever met. Try your best to conquer a Serbian woman and you will never care about any trouble that you will have in your life because you will have the best support you can only imagine.

Updated on Feb 2020