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Panama considers being the natural bridge between Central and South America. You will find there an exciting culture with friendly people. Additionally, if you like bananas you will an ultimate opportunity to eat them as much as you want as they are cheap and very fresh. The same goes for Panamanian girls. They are very sweet and beautiful. Many of them are single and looking for a kind person. On each Panamanian dating site, you can find them of different ages with unique personalities. This country is not a poor one, therefore, Panamanian brides are looking for future husbands than moneybags.

Traits Of Panama Women For Marriage

Life and culture are different in Panama. In order not to fail in dating, it is better to know what to expect from Panamanian girls. They possess some characteristic features that foreigners love in them. We have prepared a short overview of them.


You can be sure that in case of some sickness Panamanian women will always visit you. You can get tremendous support in your future life as a couple. Delicious dishes, cleaned home and proper values towards child upbringing.


It is important not to flirt with other girls as you can get in real trouble. In dating with Panamanian women they always want to be the only one for you and receive all your attention. You will be embraced by their love. Panamanian girls definitely will be arguing with you in a simple and even pleasant way. It is a sign that they really love you.

National Pride

Panama is a wonderful country and its residents are proud of it. They like watching soccer matches with a real passion for their teams. Patriotism is a part of them. Panamanian women can easily teach others how to love homeland.


Saying everything that is on your mind is typical for Panamanian girls. It helps to sustain proper relationships and in case of some issues speak about them loud. Therefore, you can quickly solve misunderstandings. In addition, it allows trusting their words. When they say that love you then it is definitely how they feel.


People in this country do not want to depend on others. They are proud of who they are and can make for a living by themselves. However, it does not mean that they have poor relations with their families. Panamanian women work really hard to be able to support every member of their family.

Dating A Panamanian Woman

It is important to understand that dating in Panama is different than in Europe or the USA. To start dating a Panamanian woman is not seem very difficult. However, the longer your relationships are the more you understand their culture. With this knowledge, you will be prepared and not shocked by the local people.

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Point Direction With Lips

You will be greatly surprised to see Panamanian girls that do air kiss in your direction. They are not flirting with you. It is just their way to point the direction of something. Instead of fingers, lips are more comfortable for them. You can always have your hands free. Alternatively, some people believe that such a gesture is used not to point on someone with a finger as it is not polite.

Fried Food

You heard a lot of information about food in the USA, however, it cannot be compared with Panama. People there like fried food and ready to eat is 24/7. Even when there are plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, they will prepare them somehow frying. In relationships, Panamanian brides would like to cook something tasty for you. It is better to ask them in advance, what they are going to prepare.

Dress Properly

Everyone knows that feeling when the working days are over and you finally can wear a t-shirt with shorts. For dating, you can forget about this pleasure. For rendezvous with Panamanian women, you should dress up properly if you do not want to be turned down.

Try Spanish

For dating a Panamanian woman English is enough, however, there can be difficulties. In this country, Spanish is the main language and not everyone can speak good English too. If you want to impress your girlfriend, you can try to learn some Spanish words and phrases. In addition, it shows that you are trying to improve your communication what is the key factor in relations. Spanish is not a difficult langue and it has some similar words to English.

WhatsApp Is Everywhere

Before visiting this country, it is better to install WhatsApp. Everyone there uses it for communication. This app is the best way to stay in touch with local Panama women for marriage as they do not plan much in advance.

Punctuality Is Less Important

You can think that it is totally normal for girls to be late for a date. However, it is not only about dating. For any events, festivals, dinners, dates they are always late. Therefore, you should invite guests for half an hour before you actually want them to come. Do not argue with Panamanian brides if they are late for a date.

Meeting Parents

Despite being independent in making decisions Panamanian girls prefer to stay under the same roof with their parents until marriage. It is very convenient for them to save some money for their future and focus on education. The disadvantage is that at the end of dating you will need to find other places where to spend a night.


People in Panama are very different but all of them are very open. You can do not worry about approaching a girl in some nightclub. The best way for that is definitely dancing it is not so easy. Panamanian women are the perfect choice for creating a family if you want to be more social and open-minded towards people around you.

Updated on Feb 2020