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Somewhere in Lithuania sits a little girl with a big heart. She is not a child anymore, but her vulnerability makes her so weak and helpless. On the next street, a lady with the same fate waits for happiness to fall on her out of the blue sky. These Lithuanian women need a wall to stand behind. They wait for their prince on the white horse. Lithuanian brides have a lot to offer in exchange.

Lithuanian Women Characteristics


One of the reviews stated that Lithuanian is like a mixture of Russians and Ukrainians. This makes a perfect combination that works. They are tall. The blue eyes are like an ocean of deepness. The deepest pit leads to their hearts. The bottomless water you plunge in symbolizes a huge and sincere feeling.


Lithuanian women wear only high-quality garments. It does not matter whether it is an outer one for the public one or underclothes.

Lithuanian BridesIndependence

When it comes to decision-making, they are not so much independent as Ukrainians or Russians. Husbands just benefit from it. Still, It should not be confused with mere obedience. We do not live in the 6th century or in the Middle Ages where women had no right to decide on whatever they want. Lithuanian girls take into account any piece of advice, but the last voice is still for them.


Lithuanian girls do not tend to show their inner world to everyone. They keep rather neutral facial expressions for everyone not to guess about some problems or elevating mood.

Great At Cooking

If you are a vegetarian, you will struggle to survive. Since it is getting more and more mainstream, there still some arrangements for that. Beautiful Lithuanian women are perfect at preparing breakfast, dinner, or whatever you like. They boast of their national dishes, that is why each girl is ready to pamper her man with delicious meals.


Many Lithuanian mail order brides go in for sport. They find it interesting to talk about this for ages. By the way, Lithuanians as true patriots root for their national teams. Basketball, for example, is almost equal to religion here. To perpetuate the memory of Lithuanian heroes their portraits have been immortalized on Lithuanian money. Girls are interested in it as well.

Lithuanian WomenHow To Date Lithuanian Women

Keep Distance

If that sounds strange for you, Lithuanian brides take it seriously. Many reviews suggest doing this. They value personal space and are not very tactile. They feel awkward and uncomfortable being touched by a stranger. Men are to consider the fact, that you will remain strangers for a long period of time.

Eye Contact

Do not fail to keep eye contact. If some countries still believe it to be a sign of shyness, Lithuanians find it impolite. They make up thousands of causes. Single Lithuanian ladies may think that you just wait for the right moment to run away. Eyes are the soul of a person. If you do not allow a girl to look into them, you hide your spiritual part of a human being.

Hugging And Kissing

Dating Lithuanian mail order brides will test your patience. Kissing is possible between close people so that it is a taboo on the first date. If you resort to doing this, expect any kind of rejection.


Lithuanians do keep the deadlines however strict they may be set. They do everything on time as well as come to any kind of meeting

Sport Topic

As it has been already mentioned, beautiful Lithuanian women are keen on sport. It is a good idea to start a conversation with praising their national basketball team. Just try not to do the same with the football team. As this one does not succeed in any of European Qualifiers, it would seem extremely insincere of you to express warm admiration of it.

Personal Topics

Any such discussion does not have to be talked through. If a woman inquiries about it herself, that gives you a green light.


Lithuanians do talk about politics. They can be dissatisfied with the incumbent President or Government. It can be discussed. Just for you as a foreigner, it is not advisable to express your opinion sharply. It is better not to criticize anyone, especially if you are not competent in it.


This one is more of a British type. There is no difficulty understanding jokes. However, if you are to crack jokes, be careful with the way you present it. Just give sarcasm or irony a wide berth. Any mockery is also not advisable. Even if it is directed not particularly to your Lithuanian better-half, you would rather skip it. This may give her an idea of you potentially ridiculing her in the short run.


A bunch of flowers will be enough of course. Regard that even number is commonly presented at the funeral.

Lithuanian Brides Scams

The world is full of frauds. It is hard to detect dishonesty when it comes to professional. Especially, lots of online dating sites brim with scams. However, Lithuanian ladies are not that much into it. Still, they resort to some of the injustice.

Is it fair to be so beautiful? Is it legal to madden men with your beauty? If that counts as a crime, Lithuanian girls will be regarded as avid criminals. Is that legal to steal? Lithuanian women can be accused of stealing men’s hearts. Of course, it varies from person to person, and it does not depend on nationality at all. The general perception of Lithuanian pearls is just so.

Where To Find Lithuanian Woman

Perhaps, they may be in Lithuania. If to put jokes aside, the streets of Lithuanian cities are the most likely places to meet them. However, there are some dating agencies that are viewed to be helpful in terms of the relationship. When nothing works, a Lithuanian girl goes on a dating site to create her perfect profile. As soon as it is done, she is ready to part with her single status.


Beautiful Lithuanian brides will introduce true love to your life. This Baltic wonder ignites this feeling even in the wettest place. Men have to notice details. This is what Lithuanian singles are filled with. One of them will become a perfect wife for you and an ideal mother for your posterity. Men have to remember that marrying such a wonderful lady will require something in exchange.Lithuanian women are great in all the meanings of their word.

Updated on Feb 2020