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Latvia is a post-Soviet country. So consequently the life of Latvian women is not easy, even in the capital Riga. It is a country that obeyed other invaders for so many years. It’s a miracle that Latvian people still have their own culture, traditions, and specialties. What is more it diverse from other post-Soviet countries. The point is the population of women in Latvia is much more than men. One of the main reasons is considered to be a hard and exhausting life, then depression and early death, mostly in a suicide way. So Latvian single girls can do nothing but struggle for their happy life every day. So here are some features which appeared as a consequence of hard work which made Latvian mail order brides as they are now.

Features of Latvian Women

Strong Character

As we have already known the life of Latvian girls is not easy and marvelous at all. There is a tendency that Latvian men live a very short life. So why is it happening all the time? Latvia is the country that is only trying to follow modern rules of society. Latvian people used to care only about themselves. And that feature helps the, to achieve many goals in their life. Of course, when a man sees that his woman is much more successful than he is. it kills him from inside. As follows, he starts drinking too much alcohol, gets many diseases and dies soon. Latvian girls do nothing but try to make their life easier, wealthier and better on their own forces. They become strict, straight, confident and powerful. That’s why in most cases they do not need anyone else.

Latvian mail Order Bride


Many people don`t know but Latvian women are considered to be the tallest women in Europe. Their average height is 168 cm. This is a comparatively new tendency. The height of a definite people depends on many features – climate, cuisine, way of lifestyle, genetics. This is an always-changing process but nowadays Latvian women are winning this race.

Head of Family

Latvian women ruin all world-known stereotypes. People used to think that the husband is the head of a family. He earns money, brings food, makes serious decisions but not in Latvia. As the population of Latvian brides is more than grooms, Latvian girls are very independent. Often they become single mothers as Latvian men tend to die at an early age. And Latvian women do their best to make the life of their children much happier and easier. They work hard every day, cook and do the cleaning on a daily basis. What is more, they grow up their children in love and care. So Latvian women have so many duties that no man in Latvia can give anything to them.


Latvian girls are very wise and smart. This is their main difference from Latvian men. It is not an easy task for Latvian ladies to find a worthy couple that will fill her with passion and love, that will inspire her to self-development and obedient behavior. In most cases Latvian men hate women being more clever than they are. However, it doesn’t mean that Latvian women put up with it.

Latvian brides

Why Latvian Girls Are Popular Among Foreign Men?

As you have already read above that Latvian women have a very small variety of choices in Latvia. So many Latvian brides move abroad to find an appropriate man for them. They charm foreign men with impregnable behavior, unpredictable actions, and ineffable nature beauty. Hot Latvian woman is a mystery that needs to be unleashed. Latvian men do not value their women. They can just sit and watch TV waiting for a wife to bring money and food at home. If their first wife refuses to do it, they can find another one. Latvian men will never struggle for a woman. That’s why Latvian girls are looking for a better fate with foreign men that will perform any godsend they want.

Top Dating Online Platforms

You want to find a bride exactly from Latvia but do not know where to start searching? Then try your luck on the dating sites where there are plenty of different profiles and choose whatever you want. Do not be afraid of it. It is fully safe and legal. There are many cases when a simple online flirt has overgrown into deep loving relationships, marriage, and family. Here’s the list of the sites to meet beautiful Latvian women:


Why Latvian Women Are So Good For Marriage?

If you start dating a Latvian woman with serious intentions you will get the main prize. It is a type of woman that is ready to gift you a whole world and dedicate their entire life if you are worth it. Latvian girls are looking for a strong, brave, courageous, generous and loving husband. Don’t try to lie to them or don’t even think of betrayal because you will pay a huge price for it. If you are enough old and wise to start serious relationships that will end by marriage till the end of days, then choosing a Latvian girl is a perfect match for you.


All in all, everything that you have to know about hot Latvian women before start dating one of them is that you have to be a real fighter for true feelings. Relationships with Latvian girls are not an easy task, it is tested that will determine worthy you or not. If you are ready for a constant but passionate struggle for your place under the sun,  then go in search of your Latvian love.

Updated on Feb 2020