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If you desire to meet a sincere, intelligent, and smart woman who will understand and appreciate you, then the Iranian mail-order brides are ladies we are talking about. They try to fill the old role of a caring spouse concentrated on the house and family. These ladies are usually bronzed with dark hair and brown eyes. Iranian brides are gentle and prefer to show it, taking care of themselves. They apply makeup and wear sensual modern dresses when at home, where the partner can cherish their attraction in secret.

Lying is one of the most important taboos in Iranian society. They emphasize ancient customs and morality. As a rule, they are a modest and loyal Iranian wife. A man will be thankful for an honest Iranian bride who tries her best to be devoted only to him.Iranian Brides  

Pretty Iranian Brides Dating

Before deciding with what Iran girl you want to marry, read this article to know more about them. Are the Iranian women so beautiful as they say? Are they family-oriented? The answers are right here and they will help you make the correct decision.

Low Divorce Rate in Iran

Any man would marry an Iranian – this is a fact. And there is a clear explanation for this. Just for a few simple reasons. Iranians marry virgins, do not cheat on their husbands in marriage (all because of traditions and good upbringing) and do not drink alcoholic beverages. Yes, Iranians are also pretty enough, striving for self-development. Most students in Iranian universities (excluding military) are beautiful Iranian girls and they do not mind having many children. At the same time, divorces in Iran are rare. For two reasons.

First, the chances of a divorced man or girl remarrying/getting married in Iran are close to zero.

Second, you can coolly and seriously “get on the money.” The fact is that at the time of the wedding, a man must promise the bride a certain amount of gold coins (At least one hundred). The cheapest gold coin in Iran costs $80. And now we consider … $ 8,000 for Iran is a lot of money. Therefore, not all men keep their promise. Well, and in a divorce, the ex-wife should get everything in full. For debts in Iran, they put in jail. So there are practically no divorces in Iran.

Family-Focused Women

Iranian brides in the mail know they can create a loving and happy family with you. Traditions and excellent education taught them to be real wives. Girls from Iran combine wisdom, courage and an innate ability to do everything. Be sure that your home will be clean and well maintained. Your children will be well brought up, know how to behave. And this is not all the reasons to pay your attention to Iranian brides. What else makes them so desirable among men all over the world?

Why Are Iranian Brides so Popular Among Foreigners?

Impressions of Iranian girls can be expressed in one phrase – this is a struggle of passion and religious prohibitions, in which passion prevails. They are so different! First, you see black ghosts, wrapped from head to toe in the black integument. Some even try to cover their faces. These are very traditional Iranian girls.

Then you see that some of them are ghosts only half. Yes, the head is still the same black scarf, then a black cloak below the waist, we lower our eyes and tight-fitting jeans! The scarf is no longer black, but lilac and a bright hoop and earrings peeping out from under it. On her face is a beautiful make-up. There is no black cloak at all. Girls monitor their appearance, dress fashionably and look attractive.

Iranian womenPersian Mail Order Bride Is a Dream of Any Man

What will happen if you multiply sincere Iranian friendliness and openness by female passion? That’s right, you get a little volcano! Hot Iranian women radiate the brightest emotions. There is a feeling in every look, in every movement. You begin to feel it as soon as you begin to communicate with them. At first, this is curiosity – it just bursts them from the inside. They sneak a glance at you whether they are wearing hijab or jeans, whether they are traditional girls or modern.

If you reciprocate them – that’s it, contact is established. It is enough for you to know a few words in Farsi, and a few words in English for her – you can safely get to know each other and even have a cup of tea together. And these bottomless eyes speak much better than any language in the world. I don’t know what’s in Iranian women for marriage, centuries-old history of oriental passion, but they simply mesmerize you, permeate through and through.

Where to Find the Best Iranian Brides

With the growing popularity of online dating and marriage agencies, you can find several dating sites that provide dating services with Asian girls. To save you time, you can use the three most reliable and sought-after platforms, or On the Internet, you can easily find reviews of these sites and understand which one is best for you.


Iranian brides are gorgeous. However, it is not so easy to build relationships with them – when it comes to international marriages or international acquaintances, there are always pitfalls. There are always cultural and social differences between you and them, and you must be prepared for this. Not to mention that dating etiquette is never the same in different countries. We are sure that it would be wise to pay attention to these differences before dating an Iranian woman. But if you still decided to make this acquaintance, your efforts will be rewarded and you will receive a wonderful and faithful wife.

Yes, perhaps Iranian brides are some of the shyest women in the world. But at the same time, they are strong and smart. Like all girls, they are feminine and traditional, and therefore they are amazing wives. Choose the dating site that you liked the most and dating an Iranian woman, meet her, and you will never be disappointed!

Updated on Feb 2020