Estonian Brides

Estonia is a constantly growing and developing country. It may seem but Estonian women seek to get higher education much more than men. They put all their forces to develop themselves, to get as much knowledge as they can. That is why there is a huge quantity of beautiful Estonian women who are popular all over the world for definite achievements – models, musicians, scientists. If you are no afraid that possibly your future bride will be smarter and wiser than you are. But we live in modern society and have equal rights. So if you like personality. who cares about the level of education?

Features of Estonian Women

Seek to Knowledge

It amazes that according to the latest statistics all universities and institutes consist of women for 60 percent. Estonian girls love to study from the early years. They understand that nowadays there is a great competition between young people. for example, getting a job. The more experience you gain, the better CV you get and the better job you will get.

Style and Appearance

Estonian women try to follow the latest fashion trends. They like to look stylish and fresh but also practical. If it is a warm-season they tend to wear light and simple dresses adding some accessories to the look. However, if it is cold outside there is a heavy reason to put on something really warm but always stylish. Estonian girls spend enough time to care about their daily look. They always try to be better and better in all possible spheres of life. Most Estonian mail order brides have light hair with warm or cold shadows. What is more Etonian girls can scrimp money for food just to buy a more expensive blouse or suit.

Estonian Brides


Estonian woman is always right. Her advice is the best and can not be changed or denied. Do not even try to dispute with her because she will never listen to anyone else in spite of her own words.


There is a well-known joke about Estonian people that they are slow as turtles in everything – talking. thinking. understanding and doing anything. But it is a complete stereotype as quietness is a great feature of the character. The calm and prudent person has a cold and stable mind. It is an impossible mission to make them mad and crazy. In modern society, it’s very convenient because your nerves are in good trim. The main advantage of Estonian girls is that they know where to show emotions and character and where they should better be quiet.

Estonian Brides

Why Are Estonian Brides Popular Among Foreigners?

Most Estonian women tend. to date and get married to foreign men. So what is the reason for this decision? Are Estonian not men the same as in other countries? It is not a big secret that every woman needs constant attention, wants to get flowers and gifts for celebration and in daily life. But Estonian men don`t understand it and don’t want to learn something new about relationships. They used to have a passive role in life, especially when their woman is smarter and more sociable than they are. Yes, Estonian men go to work, earn money and sometimes help their wives with home stuff. However, their problem is they do not see the point of presents for no reason, for pleasure for their pretty girls. Also, they do not understand that a woman can not bear such an attitude and can change men easily and more quickly than you imagine.

Top Estonian Women Dating Sites

If you got interested in the culture of Estonian singles but not sure if this type of woman is exactly for you, then you can look through short reviews of most popular dating online platforms to get a new girlfriend or even find woman for couple.


Why Are Estonian Brides Perfect For Marriage?

If Estonian woman meets a man she really likes, she gets attached to him and lives together. They like comfort and usual convenient conditions. So Estonian girls will not exchange their stable relationships for a windy and temporary passion. If you choose Estonian woman to be your girlfriend and then-wife, you can be sure that you will never feel sorry about your decision. Hot Estonian women are very smart and understand that there is no need to change men as gloves because it will ruin their reputation. They don’t hurry to get married quickly. Their decision has to be pondered and logic. Estonian women are not supporters of divorces. They still believe in a single, true and long-lasting love till the end of the days.


Taking everything into account Estonian women don`t prove any of the stereotypes that people invented about their nation. They are highly educated, wise, prudent and balanced. They live in peace and harmony in the surrounding world, hate argues with other people, especially their men. They are not slow, Estonian women are calm and quiet. They know that sometimes it is better to say nothing instead of saying silly and senseless things. If your reputation among your relatives and friends is important for you, then you can be sure that Estonian woman will never mess or ruin. She will always support you, will keep your position despite what others think of your decision or acts. Now you know that only real and serious intention will entice Estonian girl which will do her best to make you completely satisfied and happy for the rest of your life. Your timeline will divide into two parts after you start dating Estonian woman – and you will get what real love is.

Updated on Feb 2020