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Croatia is a picturesque country with its initial natural beauty and pleasant climate. Here is a unique combination of several cultures with interesting customs and traditions. If talking about the Croatian character it means temperance and serenity. Croatian ladies are friendly, balanced and communicative. They live in full harmony with an outworld. Croatian women for marriage can get along with any type of personality and this feature makes her open and sociable person what is very important in building relationships.

Features of Croatian Girls

Head of Family

If you think that Croatian women will be obedient then you are completely wrong. It was true several years earlier. Nowadays everything is changing. Croatian women can get an education. can get any job they want, have equal rights within elections. Croatian ladies adore dominating as in relationships as in other life situations. They tend to be leaders and make serious decisions on their own. Croatian girls put their forces to build a great career without conceding to men.


Croatian people are strictly religious. Most of them are Catholic. but also there are protestants and Moslem. Croatian mail order brides gather at church every Sunday without even one pass. There are many churches on the territory of Croatia, even in the smallest towns and villages. So this tendency to religion created some features of Croatian women`s behavior such as purity and loyalty.


Croatians adore their country, culture, and traditions. They would never want to change the place of their birth. They protect their rights, their independence and try to keep up together to struggle any conflict on a state level. So if do not like the country, don’t respect their culture, language or customs, then think twice before start dating Croatian girl.


The Croatian language has over fifty dialects. It depends on what part of the country they live in. So if you meet a girl from the eastern part and think that you already understand her, you will be very surprised when you visit West of Croatia and will get no word. As we know a woman is a separate nation and sometimes it is very hard to understand the directions of their thoughts. So what would you if several women of one nationality talk on completely different languages? That’s bad luck.

Perfect Housewives

If Croatian woman is in a mood, she can prepare the most appetizing dishes. These are mostly national food – cakes, seafood, different kinds of meat. Croatians love to eat delicious every day. Their cuisine is diverse and unique, As their recipes have some peculiarities and spices that you will not find in another country. However, if you think that Croatian girls will cook masterpieces on a daily basis, then you are completely wrong. Croatian women also like to care and have a rest. So be ready that from time to time you will have to show all your skills of a real chef.

Why Croatian Women Are Popular Among Foreigners?

Croatian singles live in pleasure. They don’t hurry to spend their time in vain. Croatian girls take their time, plan their next several years and straight but slowly achieve their aims. As you know young European men live in a constant crazy rhythm. They try to be in time to do everything possible in their age – work, career, own business, home, woman, family, children. It sounds difficult,  doesn`t it? But when a man meets a hot Croatian girl that impress by placidity and prudence from the first sight, he sees that it is not necessarily to live your life fast. You have to take your time, take a deep breath and just relax. This feature of Croatian women attracts foreign men most of all. When they meet Croatian women, they want to learn the rules of Croatian life.

Best Dating Sites to Find Croatian Bride

Here is a shortlist of the most popular dating platform to find a bride from Croatia and start communicating online.


Why Is Croatian Woman Good For Marriage?

Croatian women are very calm and peaceful. They don’t like to have a lot of quarrels. This is one of the main reasons why divorce is a seldom occurrence. They can solve all problems in a friendly way. Croatian women do not see a sense of making the life of their men unbearable. Croatian ladies fill their home with love and care. They are very good housewives. They like to cook national tasty dishes and treat guests. They give their men complete freedom in thoughts. decisions and actions as Croatian girls desire the same to themselves. Also, Croatians are hard-working and persistent. So don’t be afraid that Croatian woman is going to live for your money. They are not mercantile at all. f they want to buy something or to achieve any goal, they will do their best to make that dreams true without any help because they were grown up to be confident and independent. Croatian women can’t be tamed but can be a perfect wife for you.


All in all Croatian women really differ from other European women. They are quiet, balanced and prudent. If you choose a Croatian woman, you will never get cold, hungry and feel unnecessary. You will always have your own freedom to make choices and decisions, to spend your spare time as you prefer and just feel comfortable every day. Nevertheless, be ready to divide housework between the two of you. If you both work at a full-time job, be always to help each other to cook dinner, to wash dishes or to fo the cleaning up. You don’t have to think that these duties are made only for your girlfriend. This feature means that you can share all the problems, hesitations, and thoughts.

Updated on Feb 2020