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Ladies from Belarus are being very popular among the international dating community as they combine all the needed features that make them perfect wives and great partners. Men cannot even imagine what awaits them. However, Belarus brides do have some peculiarities. Dating them will cause some difficulties but in a positive way. A man will not believe his eyes when looking at Belarus princess. No one can handle it. Belarus wives are too perfect to be true.

Belarusian Mail Order Brides Traits

Belarus dating

Natural Beauty

Belarusian girls are very attractive. The blue eyes dazzle everyone. Apart from these amazing features, they enchant with blond hair. The whole impression is produced in a very and very positive way. What is more, Belarus beautiful ladies are not fans of make-up. Men will not be frightened with morning look as they have liked this before.


A great number of businesses are run by the weaker sex. They know how to earn money and do it on their own. Men can attract Belarusian brides with money. They are just to take into account that financial states are not out of the ordinary. If a woman wants to be strong and independent, she will be anyway.


Lots of reviews delineate the supernatural skills of Belarusian mail order brides. It is not difficult for them to manage all the chores, bringing up children, and will all of this done they look perfectly well. Some of them even work.


If you find a Belarus woman for marriage, be ready for various kinds of prejudice. Do not allow your girlfriend to sit at the corner of the table. Following some excessively credulous beliefs, the corner of the table brings bad luck in personal life. That results in not marrying anyone. Men are to remember also one more superstition. Do not look into the mirror together. That provokes bitter family squabbles. At least one is already guaranteed why you did so.


Women are used to doing physical work on a farm. That does not mean that your life will be spent in the village. As soon as you like it, it is not a problem for brides from Belarus to take up it.


Belarusian women require high moral qualities of a man. It is still traditionally viewed that a girl should be a virgin getting married as well as a groom. Still. contemporary times somehow neglect some of the unwritten rules. Most Belarus ladies take these traditions with respect.

High Education

Your Belarus wife will be for sure educated. Often, after finishing school, they continue getting a bachelor’s degree. They foresee hard times and expect their intelligence together with the diploma to help them arrange life.


As soon as a woman delivers a baby, their life belongs not to themselves. Belarus women become obsessed with children. Here a man can play a vital role. This period is both the most difficult and the happiest. When a husband supports his wife, they will together overcome all the obstacles and become happier together.

Dating Belarusian Women


Belarus girls are into movies. It would be a great date to spend watching her favorite or long-awaited film. By the way, it can be combined with some romantic ideas. Have you ever heard of movies on the roofs? With the evening covering the city, you may create a special atmosphere. Belarusian ladies will like it, believe me.

Hugging and Kissing

Belarusian women are very prejudiced regarding this one. You should be close enough to kiss. However, hugging symbolizes protection. If you see your girlfriend upset or vulnerable, this can become a cure for that.

Previous Relationships

Do not ask a Belarus girl about her former boyfriends. Mostly, their break-ups were hurtful and they would rather obliterate them from memory. Sometimes, they need to share their soul to release the burden. Here a man should be extremely supportive and even just a hug may be enough.

Take Her Home

Never allow your Belarus girl to go home on her own. Even if she tries to convince of no need in doing this, it may be just good acting. Perhaps, your partner is a good actress. Accompanying the girl is always a plus to win the extra time of the talk. This one is usually the frankest and open.

Give Her Your Jacket

Belarus ladies have watched hundreds of romantic movies. As a result, they have some images of how a perfect date should look like. Do not let her get cold. You are to consider this in advance. There can be no excuses for not having any jacket to borrow. A gentleman has to predict each moment.

Belarus Brides Agency

If you have opted for Belarus women, but you are without any idea of how to find bride, just go on reading. Belarus brides agency is the place where all the singles gather together to get rid of as many single statuses as possible. If that does not work, online websites will come in handy. Even literary the latter means phone in German. That is a hint that all you need is a smartphone or computer to sign up.


A Belarus woman needs a man to bloom, and a man needs a Belarus girl to develop and show all his merits. As we know, behind every successful man is a woman. A female can either reveal the talents of a man or dig them deep into the ground. Belarus wives are able only to do the first thing. A Belarus girl is a neck, head, and heart of the family. They are special and unique. A man will be extremely lucky to marry such a treasure. Just make sure there is anyone left to make you happy.

Updated on Feb 2020