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Armenia is a beautiful country with its immutable culture. Armenian people save the ancient customs and traditions and try to keep them till nowadays. Armenian women stand out with their unique and beautiful appearance and restrained character that is strange in our modern world. So what are the features that differ Armenian single ladies from other nationalities?

Features of Armenian Women

Nature Beauty

Armenian girls have very unique features of their appearance. Most of them have marvelous long and very hair that needs constant care. Also, they have pale skin. People usually call it high blood. Also, Armenian women have skinny and sexy figures made by nature. Of course, they have to keep fit every day and care about own health. However, it is hard to ruin something that was created by mother nature.

Armenian women


Armenian people are fond of hosting and entertaining their guests. It can relatives, old friends or just new people from the street. Armenian women are great housewives. They cook very appetizing dishes – dolma, hush, spas. They know how to satisfy the tastes of guests at their home. Being a good host is a kind of duty for Armenian girls.  Whatever they want or are able to do, they have to cook well not to disgrace their men.


There is an old custom in Armenia – all women before marriage must be virgins. It doesn’t matter how old is a girl – 18, 25 or even 35. If a woman is not pure, it means that she is not worthy to call herself a wife. What is more, she can not find a good job, she can not explain anything. Besides Armenian women have already got official rights to be equal with men, in real life they don’t work. If you are corrupted, nothing will help you in that society become clean again.


There are many Armenian women who conquered the world with their talents. Mostly it is singing, for example, Araks Mansuryan, Asmik Papyan. They amaze with a wideness of their voices. In addition, they have a very attractive and sexy appearance that helps them to build a career in show business mainly abroad.

Hidden Passion

Armenian women are considered to be one of the sexiest people all over the world. They have unique and adorable features of face and figure. Dark long hair, deep brown or blue eyes, passionate glance, and restrained behavior. When a woman is a mystery for men, she becomes more and more attractive and magnetic.

Sense of Humor

Armenian people are cheerful. They like to tell shark jokes that are full of kind sarcasm. If you are a brave one and is not afraid of being ridiculed, then you will never get bored with Armenian girl. They will always find a caustic word to entertain you.

Armenian ladies

Why Armenian Mail Order Brides Gain Popularity Abroad?

For many foreign men, Armenian girls may seem really exotic. They have an unusual appearance. Also, they tend to follow a healthy lifestyle, do sport and care about how they look. It is always a pleasure when your woman watches over herself on a daily basis. Armenian women are hearth keepers. They do their best to organize their relationships or family well. They are very obedient and always want to please their men. Armenian woman is a combination of sexual passion and restrained character that amazes every man on this planet. So, Armenian brides dating must be awesome.

Best Dating Sites To Meet Armenian Women

You can start learning Armenian features and peculiarities of Armenian women online firstly. Here are several short reviews of dating sites that may help you find a bride and maybe even marry her in the nearest future.


Why Are Armenian Women Perfect For Marriage?

Armenian family has an old model – husband is the head and the earner, a wife is an obedient housekeeper. Armenian wives are born to grow children, please their men and be the support of the family. Frankly speaking, Armenian would do nothing great without the support of their women. Armenian women give valuable pieces of advice, help to find the right solution to a problem, inspire their men to open and develop their personalities, become better and better every day. However if Armenian wife is against something, then her husband can do nothing without her agreement. It is important for men to get approval. You can make Armenian girl happy very simple. Armenian women are for marriage for sure. She needs to give her care to somebody. She feels good if her man and children are well-fed and warm, she likes to spend her spare time in the bosom of her family. You just have to take into account her opinion, listen to her comments and remarks and she will never leave you alone. She is ready to dedicate her entire life to the love of her heart.


Taking everything into account, Armenian women, from Armenia which used to be a part of the former Soviet Union have so many diverse features and specialties. They are so unique, inimitable and amazing. Armenian resistant character is breathtaking and impresses from the first sight. Their life is no easy and usually, they have any struggles as outside as inside of themselves. Beautiful Armenian girls really admire and make men respect them and their opinions. They know their rights, their freedom, and their duties. But also they know what real love is, how to grow it, how to treat people with a kind heart, how to be a perfect wife. Undoubtedly Armenian wife is a perfect variant to become a great part of your life. If you are old and wise enough, if you are tired of endless searches of loyal and faithful women, be sure that marvelous country Armanis is what you need.

Updated on Feb 2020